A Motion Sensing App That Takes Tai Chi to a New level


The lack of professional Tai Chi teachers and overload of Tai Chi application resulted in the need for a new innovative Tai Chi app. App developer and longtime martial arts professional Rosa Mei created Taichi Temple, a Tai Chi motion sensing app powered by Extreme Reality’s technology. The app combines traditional Chinese roots with Extreme Reality’s technology creating an interactive, professional, and cost effective app.

“Taichi Temple gives people anywhere in the world, from Kalamazoo to Calcutta, access to a great martial arts master. Since you can sync your motions with Master Li’s in real time, he becomes your own personal training partner anytime, anywhere “– Rosa Mei

Why Extreme Reality?
The developer chose to work with Extreme Reality’s Extreme Motion SDK as it enables users to get the motion Sensing experience without purchasing additional hardware. Extreme Reality’s technology helps power a professional Tai Chi app that people can use anywhere from any device that has a webcam. It makes the app affordable and available to the masses without compromising quality.

Working With the Superpose
Tai Chi temple’s creator Rosa Mei is the creative and professional mind behind the app, but she does not hold the software development part of the process. However, by using the Superpose tool she was able to define the Tai Chi movements in a visual tool and provide the programmer with the gestures in a detailed XML without writing a single line of code. This enabled an accurate and efficient process between the creative and programming parts of the app. In addition, Rosa Mei and the developer were located in different continents, so this enabled a digitized process of collaboration.

She explains the process of creating gestures dedicated to Tai Chi:

“I used the Superpose tool to mark-up the gestures so that the programmer could implement the Extreme Reality motion tracking technology quickly and efficiently. We were able to test which gestures worked and gage the user experience based on this information “

With the help of the superpose tool the creator defined unique gestures while the programmers were able to easily implement them into the app.  She Explains;

 “Superpose is extremely easy to use and you can test the results immediately. That’s key to a streamlined development process. Working with Superpose enabled precise Tai Chi gestures essential to the apps effectiveness and authenticity. “

Working Together to Create a Better Product

Extreme Reality provides developers with a unique SDK that allows them to easily integrate motion capture capability.

All the programmers I worked with were incredibly impressed by the extensive gesture recognition offered by the Extreme Reality SDK and also the degree of accuracy we could obtain just with the front facing camera of a mobile device. “

Extreme Reality’s team is invested in the success of all its developers. The team provided guidance and technical support throughout the entire app creation process.

 “The Extreme Reality support team is truly top notch.  Even before we started programming our project, they helped us set up correct parameters for gameplay and advised us on how to work with Superpose to get the best results with the motion sensing technology. When we had technical issues during the development process (memory and CPU usage related), the ER support team helped us troubleshoot and also streamlined the programming to ensure high quality user experience.” – Rosa Mei

The cooperation between the application creators and Extreme Reality’s support team ensured the correct implementation of the SDK and enabled the developers to achieve their desired end product

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