The Meccanoid G15KS Visits Israel

November 12, 2015

Spin Masters Award winning Meccanoid G15KS has arrived for a visit in Israel. The innovative personalized robot was sent by Spin Master to leading universities around the globe including Israel’s Technion, Tel Aviv University, Hebrew University, and Shenkar College of Engineering. The goal of the visit is to inspire new ideas, explore how robotics can be brought to mass markets, and initiate research in academic labs on human machine interaction using the Meccanoid.

Extreme Reality will also be hosting the Meccanoid, showcasing its integrated Extreme Motion technology.  During November the robot will be featured in several events in the media and around Israel.

The Meccanoid was first revealed at CES 2015 where it got raving reviews and prizes including the Last Gadget Standing. It also won first prize in the cool factor category of the Toy Verdict Awards and most recently, first prize in the Awards in several different categories. This technology rich robot incorporates advanced features such as: voice recognition, movement control by moving an avatar in the smartphone, independent movement, direct programming and motion capture powered by our motion control software solution. Meccanoid combines building and programing giving its users a one of a kind ‘maker’ experience.

Extreme Reality first met Spin Master approximately 3 years ago, showcasing its motion technology without knowing how it will be incorporated in a toy. In 2014 Spin Master integrated the Extreme Motion SDK to allow kids and adults to enjoy interactive motion with the extraordinary robot. Motion control can be incorporated in so many ways; we’re looking forward to the next motion controlled toy powered by Extreme Reality.

Spin Master was established by former Israeli Canadians with strong ties to Israel. The leading toy company hopes to continue strengthening and building relationships in Israel.

Extreme Reality’s CEO Asaf Barzilay and the Meccanoid visit the new innovation lab at Shenkar’s College of Engineering & Design
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