• “All the programmers I worked with were incredibly impressed by the extensive gesture recognition offered by the Extreme Reality SDK and also the degree of accuracy we could obtain just with the front facing camera of a mobile device. “

    Rosa Mei Tai Chi Temple’s Creator
  • “It’s much more immersive than traditional controllers. With Extreme Reality, it’s even better as nobody ever expected you could have motion control through a regular camera in a tablet or PC they already own… Extreme Reality is entirely software based, so it requires no additional hardware that players have to purchase like the sensor hardware for Kinect and Leap… I would say that Extreme Reality is somewhat easier to develop because it is all software.”

    SnowBall Motion Control: Amazon, Google play

    Arman Atoyan Founder & Director of X-Tech Studios
  • “They [Extreme Reality] are a very cool group of people that also really know how to make cool technology to power great games. From the beta SDK provided, I could tell, [it] was already mature, complete with documentation and samples. Extreme Reality has also been very supportive of indie developers, getting back to us within a day on technical issues we encountered. It feels as though we have barely scratched the surface of what the Extreme Motion technology is capable of, and look forward to exploring it with some completely new games.”

    Space Evader Xtreme: iTunes

    Marek Laskowski Co-founder MOBRO Software Ltd
  • “The exciting thing about working with Extreme Reality technology is the ability to use upper body skeleton in a Kinect-like experience with regular pc’s that are not connected to any kind of accessories or anything like that… The extreme reality team is very productive and very fun to work with… They are very good at responding and even more so providing new updates and new SDK’s that really help us game developers get their game up and running as quick as possible…””

    Top Smash: Win8

    Guy Ben Dov Co-founder & CEO of SideKick Games
  • “I found the Extreme Reality Unity iOS SDK to be straight forward to implement – almost as easy as Zigfu… It allows the user to feel empowered by their own hands, in that their hands are directly controlling a robot…”

    Cold Fusion Hands: iTunes

    Yosun Chang Hacker in Residence, Nusoy Games
  • The integration of it in an existing Unity Xtr3d enabled PC project was easier than expected… We found the support quick to answer and very collaborative”

    Pro Riders Snowboard Extreme Edition: Win7/8, Amazon

    Giuseppe Crugliano Founder & Managing
  • “We discovered Extreme Reality when we were interested in expanding our marketplace; Extreme Realty fit us like a glove… Working with the Extreme Realty development team was very easy, we’ve been able to take our game and with their help – in literally in 2 weeks it’s basically 90% done.

    Volleyball Extreme Edition: Win7/8

    Chuck Bergen CEO of Vtree Entertainment
  • “The detection of students’ arm movements has been pretty robust and accurate for us, and the SDK was user-friendly for our programmer. Making a functioning motion capture video game was relatively easy to do with limited resources, and the kids really enjoyed playing it! Providing alternative ways of understanding math principles can help a lot of students learn and enjoy doing mathematics leaving fewer kids behind. The software’s compatibility with a standard laptop computer camera is essential as laptops are very common in schools, whereas platforms like the Kinect are not.”

    Candace Walkington Assistant Professor in Teaching and Learning at Southern Methodist University
  • “Extreme Reality have some really great ideas, which is why they have a number of patents issued. Their approach does not involve 3-D cameras and physical gesture devices. There are many use cases and market segments where you can see it applied a tremendous range of areas where they can have a possible solution.”

    Trip Hawkins Entrepreneur, Founder of EA and Digital Chocolate
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