Turn Any Computing Device into a Motion Control System, With Nothing but a Webcam

Our technology

Provided as an SDK, Extreme Reality’s Extreme Motion technology enables developers to quickly and easily add motion experiences to existing applications via motion control, or to develop an entirely new class of motion enabled experiences (games, applications, etc.).

How it works

Extreme Motion is a motion capture engine that extracts the 3D position of the user in front of the camera in every frame and creates a live 3D model of the user in real time. This model is then analyzed and gestures are extracted according to skeleton positioning and/or trajectories.


  • Accurate Skeleton joints are calculated in every frame of the camera, with seamless and immediate error correction
  • Cross platform Extreme motion SDK is platform agnostic and can fit any device no matter the operating system
  • Low CPU consumption Extreme motion SDK is easily accommodated in low powered mobile phones or PCs.
  • Range 1.5 meters/5 feet up to 5 meters/~17 feet

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