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Intensify your customer experience with interactive motion. No additional hardware needed.

Extreme Reality’s motion control software solution enables content providers, OEMs and device manufacturers to provide their consumers with motion experiences without any additional hardware, utilizing the webcam on the device the user already has.  Any device, smartphones to tablets, PCs to STBs, becomes a motion console without adding peripherals.


Consumers are constantly looking for innovation in their everyday devices. With Extreme Reality’s motion SDK OEMs can easily and seamlessly provide motion experiences to their audience without adding costs or reducing device performance.

  • Cross Platform Extreme motion SDK is platform agnostic and can fit any device no matter the operating system
  • Accuracy Skeleton joints are calculated in every frame of the camera, with seamless and immediate error correction
  • Range 1.5 meters/5 feet up to 5 meters/~17 feet
  • Low CPU consumption Extreme motion SDK is easily accommodated in low powered mobile phones or PCs.

Changing Consumer Device Interaction

Motion Control technology plays a key role in the future of consumer electronic devices as it provides consumers with a more intuitive way to interact with their everyday devices.
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Potential use cases

  • Games
  • Interface control
  • Rehabilitation
  • Education content

Want to learn more about advanced body tracking technology that uses a simple webcam ?

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“It’s much more immersive than traditional controllers. With Extreme Reality, it’s even better as nobody ever expected you could have motion control through a regular camera in a tablet or PC they already own… Extreme Reality is entirely software based, so it requires no additional hardware that players have to purchase like the sensor hardware […]

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