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Reinvent brand experience through interactive motion - on any device

Games are known as one of the leading ways to engage consumers in positive brand experience. However, the abundance of brand games in the market makes it crucial for brands to keep innovation going. Extreme Reality breaks through marketing boundaries and transforms standard games into a motion experience in any household or outdoors environment.

Making Any Branded Experience a Motion Activity

Making motion games non-hardware dependent turns them viral and playable by everyone – on their already owned devices (only utilizing the front-facing camera). This way, the brand can reach the masses, offering a unique and interactive motion experience that until recently was a privilege of those owning a 3D motion console.

  • Low CPU consumption Extreme motion SDK is easily accommodated in low powered mobile phones or PCs.
  • Accuracy Skeleton joints are calculated in every frame of the camera, with seamless and immediate error correction
  • Cross Platform Extreme motion SDK is platform agnostic and can fit any device no matter the operating system
  • Range 1.5 meters/5 feet up to 5 meters/~17 feet

Play Anywhere

Since 3D consoles are sensitive to daylight (IR tubes burn immediately) motion games are restricted to indoor use. Extreme Reality’s SDK enables the motion experience to be carried out anywhere with no sensitivity to light or other environmental conditions and restrictions.

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Don’t Get Lost In the Masses

Extreme Reality’s motion software has been integrated into an array of games and apps. This cutting-edge disruptive technology provides 3D full-body motion control – on any 2D camera, on any device. Provided as an easy to use SDK, creating limitless promotional possibilities; consumers can experience brands in the best way possible- anytime, anywhere. By integrating our motion SDK, these games, either new or existing turn into an even more captivating experience with actual movement and true interaction.


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“It’s much more immersive than traditional controllers. With Extreme Reality, it’s even better as nobody ever expected you could have motion control through a regular camera in a tablet or PC they already own… Extreme Reality is entirely software based, so it requires no additional hardware that players have to purchase like the sensor hardware […]

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