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Empowering Human-Machine Interaction Research

Extreme Reality supports the investigative efforts of tomorrow’s innovators. Extreme Reality provides support to emerging investigators to promote scientifically based and clinically relevant research related to the effectiveness of body motion tracking technology for the advancement of health or education. Our Extreme Motion technology allows users to employ any camera to detect body movements that are then translated into gesture controlled images and 3D motion analysis. This enables full-body, software-only motion tracking on platforms, such as Windows, iOS, Android and MAC. Body movements can be detected within a range of up to 5 meters/17 feet. All data can be downloaded, tracked and analyzed to follow the progress of multiple study participants.

Vast Opportunities with Software Only Research

Extreme Motion is a motion capture engine that extracts the 3D position of the user in front of the camera in every frame and creates a live 3D model of the user in real time. This model is then analyzed and gestures are extracted according to skeletal positioning and/or trajectories.

  • Cross Platform Extreme motion SDK is platform agnostic and can fit any device no matter the operating system
  • Low CPU consumption Extreme motion SDK is easily accommodated in low powered mobile phones or PCs.
  • Accuracy Skeleton joints are calculated in every frame of the camera, with seamless and immediate error correction
  • Range 1.5 meters/5 feet up to 5 meters/~17 feet

Extreme Reality’s Commitment to Research

Even though Extreme Motion has captured the attention and imagination of the gaming and developer world, we envision the application of our technology improving the lives of thousands of people who face unique life challenges. We see our Extreme Motion technology carrying great potential in assisting healthcare, standard and special education initiatives.

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Potential Areas of Research

Our technology – coupled with the vision of scientists, educators and caregivers – will introduce a new reality through the innovative use of the human-machine interaction

  • STEM
  • Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation
  • Home Based Rehabilitation
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Sports Medicine
  • Physical Education
  • K-12 education
  • Special Education


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“The detection of students’ arm movements has been pretty robust and accurate for us, and the SDK was user-friendly for our programmer. Making a functioning motion capture video game was relatively easy to do with limited resources, and the kids really enjoyed playing it! Providing alternative ways of understanding math principles can help a lot of […]

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