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The First

Extreme Reality is the first, and only software based solution that enables ANY PC or Smart device to instantly analyze a person in 3D and recognize their movements, bringing motion technology to life

The Only

It is the only company to provide full-body, software-based, motion analysis and control to any computing device or operating system via a standard camera

Our Specialty

With our revolutionary technology, no hardware or complex installations are required and the resources invested are minimal. Now, many different domains can bring gesture-based interaction to users. Any new or existing touch or controller based programs can be activated by motion, adding an exciting new twist. For the very first time everyone has the ability to easily access motion technology and reap the benefits of it in their domain.
Offered as a software development kit (SDK) and with 26 patents granted worldwide, the company’s Extreme Motion product enables developers to create a wide range of experiences (applications, games, security solutions and more) that pioneer Natural User Interfaces (NUI) while breaking the physical barriers of current hardware-based technologies.

Extreme Team

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Board of Directors

board members

  • yuval shahar - Chairman
  • Dor Givon - Board Member and Founder
  • Sarit Firon - Board Member
  • Nissim Zarfati - Board Member
  • Ohad Finkelstein - Board Member

Board Observers

  • Dan Stone
  • Avner Goren

Advisory Board

  • IU Kim
  • Sariel Engel

Leading Investors


“Extreme Reality have some really great ideas, which is why they have a number of patents issued. Their approach does not involve 3-D cameras and physical gesture devices. There are many use cases and market segments where you can see it applied a tremendous range of areas where they can have a possible solution.”

Trip Hawkins Entrepreneur, Founder of EA and Digital Chocolate explore all

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